Competent support of apartment,
Finca, Garden and pool - Housekeeping.

A Finca requires maintenance and servicing the whole year.

• Your Finca is cared for all year round by our service
• On request, weekly check and ventilation of the Finca
• Control of the connections for water, electricity, gas, air conditioners and heating, etc.
• Examination of all electrical appliances in the Finca
• Control of safety-relevant mechanisms such as windows, doors, gates, etc.
• Complete renovation, conversion and development and all plumbing works
• Care of garden and pool
• Post office service, regular clearing of the mail boxes
• Shopping service

When you or your guests arrive, everything is perfectly prepared.

 Fincaservice - Mallorca, support and maintenance of your Finca in the east of Mallorca - Housekeeping